Mad et Len


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Brand Mad et Len
Details Flat pot pourri d'apothicaire dark green mineral Ambre Nobile from Mad et Len. Scent: Ambry, aromatic, mossy, resinous, musky and earthy. Handcrafted in France. Can only be shipped within E.U.
Material mineral stone


Mad et Len is an experimental fragrance and homeware brand, which was founded by Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut in 2007. All products even the packagings are made entirely by hand using only high quality products in their atelier in St. Julien du Verdon in the South of France. The brand’s philosophy “Creating fragrances that awaken memories from the past” derives from the novelist’s Marcels Proust masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past in which the madelene cake triggered a flood of fond recollections for its narrator. Mad et Len is about taking perfumery and craftsmanship back to its roots.