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Brand RBRSL Rubber Soul
Details High top trainers from RBRSL Rubber Soul in black. Calfskin leather. Ankle padding and inner zip. Rubber sole. Made in Italy
Material Upper: 100% calfskin. Sole: 100% rubber


“Every step that allows man to move beyond a frontier is a step to the future” – since 2012 this has been the inspirational message that describes the brand and its products featuring a special liquid rubber centre bonded with the upper to form a shell. RBRSL identifies itself in the joining of materials/form, fashion/art, nature/urban, contaminated/uncontaminated. Opposites that are attracted, but with the intention of presenting ideas in their most direct and essential form, expressive potential offered by the material which, for RBRSL, means precisely the uniqueness of the manually applied rubber.
Material design, limited edition pieces made exclusively through special processes made possible by masterly hands and ancient craftsmanship in the purest and oldest sense of the word. Machine and Manual skills, 2 “M” that are part of the DNA of the brand, combined to create a new vision of footwear manufacture.